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Please note that installation is necessary for all Vueroid dashcams and is not covered in the product's price. A 3-year warranty is provided for units purchased from the Vueroid website and installed by an approved fitter. If you choose to install the dashcam yourself or use an unapproved fitter, the warranty period will be 2 years.

5 Compelling Reasons To Get A Dash Cam

1. Vehicle Accidents

There is no doubt that being involved in a vehicle accident is one of the most
distressing things that can happen to us. This is easily made worse by the
absence of video evidence as to what happened and can quickly become a “he said, she said”. A Vueroid dashcam helps make sure this does not happen to you.

2. Road Rage

Aggressive drivers are sadly becoming more common on our crowded roads.
It’s amazing the deterrent effect of someone seeing a dashcam in your vehicle
or being told “I have a dashcam”. The threat of being recorded often changes their mind but if not, it’s all recorded.

3. Insurance Fraud

From people throwing themselves in front of your car to scammers deliberately reversing into you can capture all the evidence you need to stay protected.

4. Parking Incidents

Many, many times we have heard the story of people returning to their vehicle and finding someone has reversed into them and of course, there is no note left. Vueroid dashcams can help with capturing evidence during short stops at the shops etc.

5. Capturing Noteworthy Events

Whether it's a breathtaking sunset, a rare wildlife sighting, or unexpected incidents on the road, dash cams ensure you never miss a moment worth remembering. Stay prepared for the unexpected and share your remarkable experiences with confidence.


Professional Installation Available!

Choose professional installation for your Dash Cam and receive an EXTRA year of warranty. After purchase, we will provide a link to reputable installers in your area for your convenience!


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