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We won't waste your time trying to convince you of the necessity of a dash cam. You're already well aware that in today's unpredictable world, having one isn't just a luxury —it's a must-have. The real question isn't whether you need a dash cam, but rather, which dash cam to choose. That's where Vueroid steps in.

Why Vueroid?

Because Vueroid doesn’t discriminate!

At Vueroid, we pride ourselves on inclusivity. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we have a Dash Cam tailored to fit your needs:

No problem.

We've got you covered. 

Protect yourself and your vehicle with ease.

We have the perfect solution.

We've designed Dash Cams to suit your vehicle.


No worries—we offer user-friendly options for

Our Dash Cams are
compatible with both.

Count on us for reliable protection.

With a Dash Cam suitable for 99% of vehicles, we ensure that every driver, regardless of their vehicle choice, can benefit from our advanced technology. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions because we understand that every driver's needs are unique. At Vueroid, we're committed to providing personalized solutions for all.

What’s so good about Vueroid? 

  1. Vueroid stands out as the premier choice for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it embodies cutting-edge Korean technology, recognized globally for its excellence and innovation. Moreover, Vueroid benefits from the extensive expertise of an automotive company with over three decades of experience, ensuring a product of unparalleled quality.
  2. One of the most compelling aspects of Vueroid is its generous warranty package. You’ll enjoy a standard two-year warranty, with the option to extend it by an additional year when opting for professional installation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction underscores Vueroid's confidence in its product and dedication to providing peace of mind to all our users.
  3. Purchasing from a reputable company like Vueroid ensures comprehensive support in case of any issues. Whether it's a defective unit or installation complications, Vueroid pledges to promptly address and resolve any concerns, including offering full replacements for faulty units. (our fail rate is less than 1%)

Navigating the world of technology can sometimes be daunting, but with Vueroid, assistance is always at hand. We provide comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for setup and how to use, including guidance on downloading and utilising the app. Additionally, we’ve got a dedicated helpline available for users needing a little extra help with tech.
Our Vueroid app is user-friendly. From editing and downloading footage to sharing it directly with insurance providers or social networks, the app streamlines these tasks effortlessly. Whether capturing breathtaking scenery or documenting road incidents, Vueroid allows you to use the footage with ease. 

5 Compelling Reasons To Get A Vueroid Dash Cam

Why settle for anything less?

Do you want:
  • Crystal-clear Resolution 
  • Wide-angle Lens for
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Advanced Night Vision Technology
  • G-Sensor for Automatic Incident Detection
  • Seamless Loop Recording
  • Built-in GPS for Location Tracking
  • Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface
  • Trusted Brand for Unyielding Performance

Then you need a Vueroid Dash Cam!

If you are not already convinced

Why You Desperately Need a Dash Cam in the first place?

Safeguard yourself with documented evidence for insurance claims.

Capture pivotal proof for disputes or legal matters.

Drive with unparalleled assurance, knowing Vueroid has your back. 

Document your journeys and treasure every breathtaking moment.

Stay vigilant against staged accidents and deceitful claims.


Trusted by professionals, loved by drivers!